Transform languishing commercial buildings into thriving shipping facilities

Deployed by facility owners and building tenants to breathe life into a dock's functionality, these heavy-steel, portable Dockzilla docks, ramps, and platforms eliminate the need for costly build-outs and construction.

Dockzilla’s modular designs are helping Ecommerce companies quickly configure loading docks to fuel today’s “need-it-now” customer delivery paradigm. Establishing distribution and customer proximity to expedite orders can create logistics concerns for online retailers, due to sourcing smaller urban properties or obsolete industrial buildings that are in ideal locations. Dockzilla engineers pre-meditate these loading needs and triage challenging scenarios with intuitive stationary, mobile, and cross docking platform models.

For companies looking for the power of a permanent loading dock with the flexibility of modular forklift loading, Dockzilla units ship in less than 8 weeks, arrive complete with impressive safety standards, and can be removed and relocated when needed.

  • Arrives complete - no added expense for safety features
  • Most intelligent portable loading equipment available
  • Can be installed inside or outside your facility
  • Relocatable when your building lease expires
  • Easily installed with minimal damage to your building

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Permanent Concrete Loading Docks vs.
Dockzilla Portable Loading Docks

Benefits /
Permanent Concrete Loading Dock Dockzilla Portable Loading Dock
Design Consult with architects, contractors, city engineers, etc. for custom loading solutions Proven configurations of engineered to order as needed
Timing Months required for site plan, zoning, permits, and construction Standard designs in stock and custom arrive in 6-8 weeks
Installation Excavation and permanent concrete construction Minimal assembly. Concrete pad recommended for stationary units only
Safety May be code compliant or require modifications (OSHA/IBC) Built-in safety components (curbs, handrails, open grating, wheel chocks, chains)
Expense $30K to $100K+ (Concrete construction, retaining walls, drainage, architectural fees, permits, etc.) Starting at $15k for a functional loading dock