Total Dock Alignment

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automated loading dock alignment dictates if the system works or not

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The Loading Dock Interface is Critical.

When servicing powered conveyor equipment, robotic trailer unload or other automated systems, the trailer alignment to the dock is critical. The loading dock configuration is often overlooked in a complex assembly line, however the automated loading dock alignment can dictate if the system worksor not.

The Total Dock Alignment System by Leum Engineering, Inc. creates the consistent vertical and horizontal positioning required keeping the line running. Our careful engineering of the trailers, building, approach and unloading equipment allow us to build a product that will stand up to the rigors of the loading dock environment.

Installation is as critical as the design of the equipment, so all of our products can be modified during install to coordinate trailer, conveyor and dock configurations.

Our company specializes in dock to trailer interfaces and trailer alignment solutions.

  • Total Dock Alignment
    • Automated loading docks, such as robotic and conveyor unload systems require trailers to be finitely located for proper unloading. The combination of wheel guides, despringers and trailer skid plates can accomplish this difficult task.
  • No Maintenance
    • The despringer, wheel guide and puck system allows for an interface that does not need maintenance to work.
  • Easily Align Trailers at Dock
    • The first step for total dock alignment is to bring the trailers into the dock consistently. The wheel guides provide the overall alignment while the despringers fine tune the spacing at the dock.
  • Precise Vertical Positioning
    • The “despringer” columns that support the rear of the trailer provide exact vertical support and horizontal alignment. The top of the columns include a long sloping ramp and 2” tall side yolks which nest the trailers within 1/8” from side to side.
  • Application Engineering
    • Each dock and trailer configuration is configured and designed to guarantee the system will work as needed.
  • Minimize Trailer Changes
    • Trailer modifications can be risky if not designed and installed correctly. The skid plates do not interfere with NHTSA Rear Impact Guards. The special materials and design of our skid plates ensure long life without repair.