Adjustable Wheel Risers

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loading dock wheel risers create a bridge to match your loading dock

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Optimize Your Loading Dock

Adjustable Loading Dock Wheel Risers create a bridge for semi-trailers to use that can match your loading docks specifically to your operations. Preferred loading and unloading is when the trailer bed is 2” to 3” above the building floor, which can easily be achieved even with necessary drainage outside a building. The bridge design of the Field Adjustable Loading Dock Wheel Risers allow water to flow freely underneath the structure while allowing the trailers to be serviced at a safe level. If the height of the risers needs to change due to relocation or other factors, simply remove the dock anchors and change the leg heights.

  • Improve Safety
    • Match trailer bed heights to loading dock floor for smooth operation regardless of trailer axle positions.
  • Reduce Product Damage
    • Unloading trailers at or above dock eliminates interference from bumper and building floor.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    • Unique support design allows the height to be adjusted before or after installation. Decks easily span over drains allowing access and maintenance.
  • Robust Steel Construction
    • Designed per AASHTO HS 20-44 maximum axle loads for 60,000 lb capacity per set.
  • Optional Wheel Guides
    • Center trailer at dock with high strength pipe guides, available upon request.
  • Standard Sizes
    • Heights: 2” to 20”
    • Deck Lengths: 10’ and 15’
    • Ramp Lengths: 5’, 10’, 15’
    • Widths: 24”and 36”