Adjustable Jack Risers

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Increase Loading Dock Flexibility

The Adjustable Jack Wheel Riser will service different styles of trailers at loading docks. Loading dock wheel risers are designed to support any kind of trailer and custom vehicle heights to eliminate the need for additional dedicated dock positions or static wheel risers.

Improve Your Loading Dock Operation

The Adjustable Jack Wheel Riser will allow you to service any variety of trailers and will make the unloading of standard 48" docks effortless. You will slightly raise the floor of the trailer reducing product damage from servicing trailers below dock level, minimize the effects of "stump-out" by mechanical levelers and gain full width access to trailer beds above dock level. The Adjustable Jack Riser must be positioned prior to backing a trailer in position.

The Adjustable Jack Wheel Riser is a mechanical product that is manually adjusted between heights that are designed to match the customers loading dock operation. The collapsed position of these steel wheel risers is designed to allow standard 48” floor height trailers to back in and position them optimally 2-3” above finish floor level. Structure single solid platform 7’ or 14’ long and dual 5’ long hinged ramps.