Loading Dock Trailer Solutions

No two loading docks are alike. What was built in 1940 to load flatbed trailers will undoubtedly present ergonomic glitches and safety issues for a company inhabiting the same building today.

To help companies avoid the cost, downtime, and hassle of renovating their loading docks, Leum Engineering expertly customizes loading dock semi solutions that tackle existing loading dock variances, from improperly placed drainage and decline approaches, to inconsistent trailer heights. Our lineup of levelers, risers, and dock boards accommodate the vast styles of trailers on the road — traditional trailers, containers, flatbeds, vans, and special trailers.

Designed to correct inferior and unsafe loading dock conditions and increase materials handling productivity, our static, field adjustable, pit filler, and hydraulic wheel risers work to raise the axles of a trailer to minimize below dock loading conditions. Our hydraulic top of dock leveler creates a sturdy bridge from the building floor into trailer beds, guiding forklift operators safely above the floor.

Loading dock semi trailer solutions that provide an alternative to construction: