Customized rail dock plates reduce forklift tire damage and boxcar loading instability.

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loading dock railboards handle extremely heavy loads

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Load Railcars Safely

Portable Railboards by Leum Engineering bridge the treacherous gap between boxcar and building floor to protect forklift operators and personnel at railcar loading docks. Built to remain steadfast during intense daily forklift traffic, our Railboards are deployed by rail shippers and major manufacturers to handle extremely heavy loads such as paper rolls and automotive shipments.

Custom-engineered to accommodate the industry’s varying boxcar sizes and load capacities, Leum Engineering Railboards automatically lock into place via D-Ring safety assemblies when installed by a forklift. To help forklifts navigate in and out of dimly-lit boxcars, these heavy steel Railboards are painted yellow for high visibility. Our Railboards — also called Deck Plates, Dock Plates, or Dock Boards — are built with extraordinary features that protect people, products, and equipment:

Key Railboard Features

  • Recessed Side Curbs:
    • Provides a smoother, more stable pathway into boxcars
  • 3-Sided Lip Chamfer:
    • Minimizes costly damage to forklift tires when turning 90 degrees
  • Self-Locking D-Rings:
    • Ensures the Railboard locks into place on its own via D-ring assembly
  • 5-Year Structural Warranty:
    • Heavy steel design ensures long-term stability

Railboard inspections are recommended every 30 days.

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