Dockshield® Removable Forklift Barriers

Safeguard vulnerable rail dock drop-offs with steel barriers easily removed and stacked by forklifts.

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Removable safety rail barrier provide fall protection at loading docks

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Dockshield® Removable Forklift Barriers provide relentless personnel and forklift fall protection at loading docks, on rail sidings, and around equipment. These patented, heavy-duty barriers can be effortlessly lifted, moved, and stacked by forklifts — without requiring the operator to leave his seat to engage a lifting system and risk injury.

Enlisted by the top rail shippers in the U.S., these rail dock barriers are ideal when wider trailer spaces are required at the loading dock. These barriers can be be installed only 16” from the dock edge, preserving critical floor space within the aisle.

Featuring integral fork pockets for easy lifting by forklifts, each 10 ft. long Dockshield unit offers robust protection via 42” high personnel guards, a 27" mid rail, and 12” high steel impact barriers. Dockshield barriers are installed into embedded floor sleeves that create solid ground support by transferring load impact forces to the concrete.


Dockshield® Safety Features:

Any unguarded edge at a railcar loading dock or inside a warehouse leaves a business and its employees vulnerable. Recently recognized by editors of Plant Engineering as a Product of the Year finalist for safety innovation, Dockshield Removable Forklift Barriers are strategically engineered to prevent unnecessary workplace injuries and avoid possible fines levied for unsafe employee protection.

  • Forklift Operator Stays Put – Intuitive design does not require forklift driver risk injury by stepping away from the forklift to engage the lifting mechanism.
  • Heavy Duty Protection - Heavy steel barriers provide substantial personnel and forklift fall protection at rail docks.
  • Exceed Code - Exceed personnel guard code with with three steel impact barriers positioned at 12”, 27”, and 42” high.
  • Reduce Tripping - Units are installed flush to the building floor via an embedded floor sleeve that reduces trip hazards when barriers are removed.
  • Protect Forklifts - The embedded sleeve creates solid ground support by transferring load impact forces to the concrete.
  • Preserve Floor Space - Barriers can be installed up to 16” from the dock edge to recoup precious aisle space and allow forklifts to traverse safely near the drop-off.