Rail Loading Dock Solutions

Before materials ride the 140,000-mile U.S. rail network, it takes smart engineering to recognize the fluctuations and frustrations presented at rail docks. Leum Engineering offers select, exceptional railcar loading solutions that target key concerns for rail dock supervisors, warehouse managers, logistics executives, and forklift operators.

An industry evolving since 1869, rail shippers are challenged by boxcars configured at varying heights and widths, docks ill-equipped to handle extreme loads, and the need to unload boxcars outside the facility for transport by truck. High capacity shippers, such as the automotive or paper and pulp industries, are tackling chief loading and unloading concerns with thoughtfully-engineered Railboards, Dockshield® Removable Forklift Barriers and Dockzilla® Rail from Leum Engineering’s selection of boxcar loading solutions.

Each railboard is custom-built to support forklift traffic by safely bridging the gap between building floor and boxcar. Our award-winning safety barriers provide personnel and forklift fall protection, and are easily movable and stackable by forklifts (patent pending). Featuring wider side access and multiple safety facets, our rail portable loading dock enables forklift drivers to focus on safely unloading to the ground.

Rail dock solutions elevating forklift operation and personnel safety: