Dockzilla® Mobile Yard Ramp

Exclusive Hydraulic Legs Protect Against Collapse

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Dockzilla mobile yard ramp includes hydraulic legs to prevent collapse

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When the rigors of daily loading operations challenge safety, the Dockzilla® Mobile Yard Ramp is the only forklift ramp at the entry-level price point that holds steadfast to avoid collapse. Unlike commodity ramps that are only supported by a trailer bed or building floor, the Dockzilla Mobile Yard Ramp features dual safety measures that 1) lock the unit into place should a trailer depart unexpectedly, and 2) brace the unit should a forklift inadvertently clip the ramp from inside the building.

To deliver an affordable mobile yard ramp with robust safety features, Dockzilla engineers designed a hydraulic system (patent pending) that eliminates manual wheel placement and ensures emergency fall protection. When raised by a forklift - from the front or back - the yard ramp automatically suctions hydraulic fluid into front-mounted lifting cylinders, essentially creating solid “hydraulic legs” that remain secure until a forklift disengages the unit.

Key Features:

  • “Hydraulic legs” automatically lock into place in the event that support is compromised, such as premature trailer departure
  • No strenuous, manual pumping necessary to place wheels or to raise or lower the yard ramp
  • Double-fork forklift clamp
  • 42” protective guardrails (per OSHA 1910.23 c) are included
  • 13” solid side curbs
  • Safety chains
  • 21” tall Z-girders add structural stability
  • Wide flange beam structure
  • Replaceable bar grating
  • Solid rubber tires
  • 5 year structural warranty

Mobile or Stationary Configurations (15,000, 20,000, 30,000 lb. capacity):

Mobile (easily maneuvered into position by a forklift)
  • Trailer Loading Yard Ramp (low frequency): 30’ x 78”
  • Trailer Loading Yard Ramp: 36’ x 78”
  • Full Access Yard Ramp: 30’ x 96”
  • Full Access Yard Ramp: 36’ x 96”

  • 30’ Dock to Grade Ramp: 30’ x 78”
  • 30’ Dock to Grade Ramp: 30’ x 96”
  • (other sizes available upon request)