Dock House

Exclusive to Dockzilla, the DZ Dock House is ideal for adding loading docks to existing spec warehouses, planning for facility expansion, or reducing the building footprint for new construction.

Dockzilla Dock Houses transforms warehouses by adding loading docks

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The DZ Dock House is a comprehensive portable loading dock designed to maximize energy efficiency and preserve interior floor space. Unlike conventional pit-style concrete construction that carves out valuable floor space inside a facility, these modular loading docks are bolted to a building's exterior. The Dock House provides facilities with robust, yet removable loading docks by integrating the following:

  • Heavy-steel structural frame
  • Wall-mounted dock leveler
  • Trailer restraint
  • Environmentally-sealed interior door

Key Benefits: Spec Buildings, Existing Facilities, and New Construction

  • Modular design can be removed and relocated
  • Exterior installation preserves valuable interior floor space
  • Environmentally-sealed door maximizes energy efficiency
  • Significantly reduces interior concrete dust and contamination
  • Limited points of entry to minimize theft, debris, and rodent access
  • Modular affixed unit depreciates as an equipment vs. capital expense

Dock House Savings:

Each Dock House represents approximately 100 square feet of floor space. Therefore, 10 loading docks (13' door centerlines, 8' levelers) built nominally 7' into the building reduces the footprint by 1,000 sq. ft. This translates to less volume for heating and cooling, and less taxable real estate.