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Dockzilla® Mobile Loading Dock Solutions

In the months it takes to design, construct, and inspect a $100,000 loading dock investment, a Dockzilla® Portable Loading Dock can dig in to help load hundreds of trailers.

Within weeks, this brilliant alternative to permanent loading dock construction can transform any area into productive material handling space. Portable but not temporary, Dockzilla impenetrable warehouse loading dock ramps can be relocated when the business moves.

Engineered with safety features required by OSHA for conventional loading docks, yet not mandated for portable ramps, Dockzilla Mobile Loading Dock and commercial loading dock solutions are fully-loaded with handrails, wheelchocks, side curbs, adjustability, and patents that maximize forklift power to protect job site employees.

The Dockzilla® alternatives to construction:

Dockzilla Mobile Loading Dock and Portable Loading Docks

Dockzilla On the Move

Mobile Yard Ramp Emergency Fall Testing

Dockzilla Utility Ramp for UTV ATV and Lawnmowers

Wide Load Ramp Testing


From factory to farm, the army of Dockzilla products is ideal for numerous applications and settings – including companies leasing their facilities, Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers with multiple distribution sites, businesses in warehousing districts, and across industries:

Agriculture: the Dockzilla mobile yard ramp can be positioned in a farmer’s field to efficiently transport perishable items like fresh-picked produce from the field to a refrigerated trailer. Bailed hay can be loaded onto a flatbed trailer in the field rather than having to move the bales to a different locale and reload for transportation.

Construction: The Dockzilla portable loading dock can serve as a temporary loading dock to safely unload building supply until construction of a permanent dock is complete. Our Dockzilla commercial loading dock solutions also include the portable dock can then be relocated and used for other projects.

Transportation: Dockzilla portable loading docks can help facilities managers gain additional loading dock capacity in existing buildings by creating cross-docking options.

Warehousing: Dockzilla has warehouse loading dock ramps and mobile yard ramps that help facilities managers expand the effectiveness of their existing buildings without permanent construction. Companies leasing their buildings and seasonal businesses use warehouse loading ramps and mobile loading docks to increase productivity can later move this asset to their next location.

Manufacturing: A Dockzilla portable loading dock can be used to load a single trailer of materials from the supply yard daily versus having to make several forklift trips to and from the yard to the manufacturing facility, ultimately saving time and enabling employees to be reassigned to other tasks.