Free Railboard Safety Inspection -
Identify Hazards Before It’s Too Late

Despite their integral involvement in boxcar loading/unloading, Portable Railboards are often overlooked during routine safety inspections. To ensure that Railboards continue to safely bridge the gap between building floor and boxcar, Leum Engineering has launched a “Free Railboard Safety Inspection” program for rail shippers and their employees.

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Inspect Railboards Every 30 Days

The Free Railboard Safety Inspection should take roughly 20 minutes and is recommended every 30 days to identify rust, cracks, and sharp edges, or more critical issues that impact the Railboard’s integrity, such as bowing or missing D-Rings. To conduct the 5-step inspection, simply download an Inspection Checklist and view a brief video for instructions:

  • STEP 1: Visual & Manual Inspection - to determine if the board is in good condition
  • STEP 2: D-Rings Operation - to analyze D-Ring assemblies, ensure Railboard is self-locking
  • STEP 3: Lifting Mechanism - to inspect modifications and ensure it locks into place
  • STEP 4: Structural Integrity - check for cracking and bowing to avoid collapse
  • STEP 5: Underside of Railboard - ensure welding is intact and that no shortcuts have been taken

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