About Us

Leum Engineering, Inc.

Grant Leum | President

Leum Engineering is fueling productivity and safety for companies across the U.S. and globally. Fortune 500 manufacturers from Ford Motor Company to FedEx have tapped our loading dock products company for solutions.

Following 20 years of providing custom designs for traditional loading docks and integrating trailer and forklift impact loads with safety, ergonomic, and OSHA standards as paramount, Minnetonka, MN-based loading dock equipment company Leum Engineering is launching the Dockzilla family of products. This new generation of portable loading dock ramps, mobile yard ramps, freestanding loading docks and cross docks are ideal for established manufacturers, growing and seasonal businesses looking for loading dock solutions without the expense or hassle of installing a traditional loading dock.

“Dockzilla products are engineered to handle the heavy lifting, whether customers are simply unloading a van with a hand cart or unloading massive 30-ton bulldozers,” says Grant Leum, president of Leum Engineering, Inc.


Having owned five businesses with specific ramp and dock challenges in strip malls, industrial parks, agricultural locales, and residentially-zoned areas, Leum holds a degree in structural engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Leum and his team of engineers are recipients of numerous patents in the loading dock industry.

The company has also been tapped to design marketing items for national consumer brands such as “keg bikes” for MillerCoors and an oversized plumber’s wrench for Duluth Trading Company. All products from Leum Engineering are designed and manufactured in the USA.